Electrofishing Certification Self-Paced Training

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Format: Online


Certify with the highly respected and industry leader in backpack electrofishing through the NRTG Electrofishing Certification course.

In this course, you will first complete our online self-paced training, which gives you a solid understanding of ElectroFishing theory and practices. You will also attend a hands-on field session where you will gain direct field experience: wearing and operating a backpack electrofishing unit while also participating as dip netters and sampling crew. Successful students of this course will certify with one of the following Electrofishing certifications: ‘Crew Supervisor’, ‘Crew Supervisor-in-Training’ or ‘Crew Member’. The level of certification achieved is determined by a participant’s level of competency during the field session, and grade on the course Knowledge Evaluation that is written on the field session day.

This course is approved by WorkSafeBC (British Columbia), and endorsed by workplace safety agencies across Canada.

Study Guide PDF Download

Please download this Study Guide, complete during the course, and bring to the field session.


  • Define electrofishing certification, standards and the practice of electrofishing
  • Contrast and define the levels and responsibilities of Electrofishing Certification
  • Identify mandatory and applicable Electrofishing standards and regulations
  • Manage resistance, voltage and power in an electrofishing system
  • Define and contrast electrical pulse types and electrical fields in water
  • Contrast the types of electrofishing units, and their components, features, limitations and capabilities
  • Identify mandatory and optional personal protective gear
  • Identify backpack electrofisher safety features
  • Maintain and troubleshoot backpack electrofishers and associated field gear
  • Interpret site conditions and adjust electrofishing settings to maximize catch efficiency
  • Calculate appropriate electrofisher settings
  • Identify best strategies to maximize catch efficiency while minimizing impacts
  • Manage electrofisher power appropriately and effectively
  • Identify key electrofishing safety procedures
  • Respond effectively to an electrofishing-related field incident
  • Conduct standard emergency response procedures
  • Define crew size and structure
  • Identify key factors influencing electrofishing in the field
  • Identify and determine crew roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct equipment checkout procedure(s) prior to beginning a field session
  • Identify key fish habitats and best strategies to capture fish as a team
  • Respond appropriately to potentially dangerous scenarios
  • Communicate effectively with field crews and the general public
  • Identify types of electrofishing field programs
  • Identify and minimize fish impacts
  • Practice safe and efficient fish sampling and handling

This Course Includes

  • Electrofishing Certification (accredited by WorkSafeBC)
  • Free, lifetime access


Caution: Please ensure your wading equipment is free of Invasives and Whirling disease.

Participants are required to bring their own equipment to the field session:

  • Leak-free Chest waders with non-slip footwear (felt, cleat or rubber soled wading shoes or wader boots) 
  • Wading belt  
  • Polarized sunglasses 
  • Hat with a brim (e.g., ball cap) 
  • It is encouraged that students provide their own linesman gloves 

Students should also arrive with appropriate field clothing, bag lunch, and refreshment on their field day.

Check out our FAQs on equipment.

Field Session Prerequisites

  • First Aid Course, Level One, containing a CPR component. Please consult with the applicable WorkSafe or safety regulatory agency, as First Aid requirements may vary by province or country. (Note: First aid training may be completed prior to or after this training program, and must be successfully completed prior to participating in actual electrofishing field work.)
  • Completion of the ElectroFishing Online Self-Paced Training. Please note that this online training must be completed before attending the field session. If you have not completed the online training by 5 days prior to the field session start date, you will automatically be deregistered from the field session, and your tuition fee will be held and can be applied to another course.

Course FAQs