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Cultural Heritage Monitor

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Format: Online and field training


The Cultural Heritage Monitor (CHM) introduces participants to Cultural Resource Management and provides skills and knowledge that complements traditional archaeological methods.  This program provides students with practical skills in field heritage assessments, heritage site visits, local site, and community visits.  


  • Define Archaeology in BC
  • Define ‘Living Cultures’
  • Identify and contrast contemporary issues in Archaeology
  • Identify key procedures in an Archaeological Assessment
  • Conduct standard sampling, excavation and analysis procedures
  • Apply laws, regulations and protection measures of Archaeological Sites
  • Conduct local Site and Community Visits
  • Conduct practical heritage assessments
  • Conduct research at the community level
  • Identify community engagement and consultation methods
  • Conduct a culturally-appropriate interview and focus group
  • Identify mapping techniques using maps and GIS
  • Identify the application of modern CRM research technologies: radar, drones, photography and videography
  • Assist in preparing a Cultural Overview Assessment
  • Develop a community-based Interview Guide

This Course Includes

  • Free, lifetime access


Participants are required to bring their own equipment:

  • Field clothing
  • Waterproof field notebook
  • Access to a computer and the Internet

Check out our FAQs on equipment.

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