Avenza Maps for Planning, Navigating & Collecting Data for Environmental Use

NRTG’s MicroCourses offer a dynamic training pathway that’s as flexible as it is enriching to build expertise. Our Avenza Maps course, spanning four hours, delivers interactive and in-depth training in an easily digestible format. It’s designed to maximize your skills for immediate application. 

Navigating in the field has become more efficient with the evolution of new technologies in the environmental sector. Applications like Avenza Maps enable users to access their current GPS location while in the field, making travel and data collection easier. This course will demonstrate how to effectively use Avenza Maps alongside traditional tools like hand maps and compasses, allowing you to navigate the field with confidence. 

Topics covered will include: 

  • Downloading Avenza Maps on your mobile device 
  • Downloading available maps in your area 
  • Collecting data (points, lines, adding photos) 
  • Importing custom maps and exporting your data 
  • Field Navigation with Avenza  
  • and so much more! 

Course will be 4 hours long.   

Instructor Profile

Sean Power

Sean is a Registered Professional Forester in the Province of Nova Scotia and has been working for 25 years in the forest across Central to Eastern Canada. He has been focusing his time with Silviculture/Harvesting Operations, Operational Planning, and have been using various technologies including GPS, LIDAR, Drones, and several app-based products to create efficiencies with daily planning. 

Sean Graduated from the College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, obtaining his Forest Technician Diploma and then continuing to complete a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He currently works as the Manager of Private Land Programs and Scaling for the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables in Nova Scotia working with various large and small landowners across the province.  

Sean has a general interest in combining new technology including Avenza Maps with core skills to help enhance efficient/productive time when working in the field.