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Today's NRTG #StudentSpotlight is featuring Jamie Trottier. Jamie has taken NRTG's Amphibian and Reptile Salvage Methods and Avian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring Methods with Jeannine Randall, and Fish Habitat Restoration Instream Techniques with Jeff Sereda.

"I am interested in... all the courses NRTG offers, as they all relate to my field in some way. My favourite course I've taken so far would be the Amphibian and Reptile Salvage Methods. I was able to learn about all the different salvage methods, and how to determine which salvage method(s) are most effective considering your target species, time of year, etc."

How has the course helped you in your career goals?
The Amphibian and Reptile Salvage Methods course gave me the knowledge and the confidence to be able to complete salvages from start to finish, including completing salvage applications with the province, and designing and conducting herptile salvages that will result in successful capture and relocation of the most species. Since taking the course I have become the lead herptile salvage coordinator within my company, and have begun training other team members on how to conduct salvage programs. My greatest achievement has been capturing and relocating 137 Pacific Chorus Frogs (as well as other species) from a drainage/riparian area that was later filled in under Section 11 Authorization.

Anything else that would be beneficial for us to know?
The instructor Jeannine Randall is very knowledgeable, positive and kind, and has become a role model of mine.

We are very proud of our students and their successes! Congratulations Jamie!


Happy Monday everyone!

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Our courses take us all over North America where we often are fortunate enough to capture a stunning photo such as this one!

Taken on Vancouver Island, BC, a juvenile Great Horned Owl was discovered playing peekaboo.

Did you know Great Horned Owls are able to fly in near silence... and take prey by surprise? This is due to the shapes of their wings and the soft fringed edges of their feathers.

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Here are some amazing pictures taken from our recent Electrofishing Certification course in North Vancouver, BC! So much fun with a great group learning new skills! Well done everyone!

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We look ...forward to seeing you!
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Wildlife Survey Field Methods: Ungulates - Online

Wildlife Survey Field Methods: Ungulates is an applied fully online, three-day course providing an introduction and overview of ground-based and aerial-survey methods for ungulates of North America. Using remote ...(online) instruction and assigned field exercises participants learn and gain practice conducting ground-based surveys for direct observation of individuals and measurement of animal sign such as scat and tracks. Instruction on aerial surveys are confined to classroom only; there is no field exercise associated with this component.

Visual survey methods (transect and block) are introduced as well as identification of sign (tracks, scat, markings). Information and data collected from ungulate carcasses are also explored. Information acquired from each method are reviewed with an emphasis on integration of methods to maximize data collection and inferences of habitat use and abundance. This course is a refinement and further investigation of methods introduced in the more generic introductory course Wildlife Survey Field Methods.

Each NRTG course includes free, lifetime admission. Enroll once - come back anytime.

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Are you wondering if you contact your instructor prior to the course with questions?

NRTG will be able to answer any questions and if we cannot address the question, we will involve the instructor. Our instructors are professionals from industry, academia, and government, and often work ...set hours and may not be readily available. For this reason, NRTG will field questions and do our best to provide you with a timely response.

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Your pathway to success starts now! Contact us today and book in for a FREE 15 minute career mentor appointment to assess next steps needed in building your career in natural resources.

NRTG also goes beyond just training. Since 1991, our senior staff has taken great pride in assisting ...industry stakeholders and past students. We continue our support with impartial career advice.

"The support provided by NRTG has lasted long beyond the initial training period. I am in regular contact with NRTG in regards to employment opportunities, future training, and work references. Years after taking training, the support continues to amaze me and has helped me build connections and establish myself in my field."
- Brian Titaro, Research Ecologist

Photo of a recent Land Guardian Program graduate on Quadra Island 2022.

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Here is an amazing photo taken from our recent Snorkel Survey Techniques course in Squamish, BC! So much fun with a great group learning new skills! Well done everyone!

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We are so excited to announce our NRTG #StudentSpotlight contest winner for October 2022 is Holly Skedanuk!

Holly has taken taken many courses with NRTG including Environmental Field Skills Certificate course and will win FREE TRAINING with us to further build her career in natural ...resources.

"I hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer! I was offered a position with the Hatfield Group and will be starting next week. The courses at NRTG are directly responsible for my success and Hatfield acknowledged that and, NRTG is the training provider of choice for them. I will continue to promote NRTG as I move along because without all of you, I wouldn’t be were I am."

We are very proud of our students and their successes! Congratulations Holly!

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