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Student Testimonials

Wonderful ‘hands on’ learning! Kyle was an excellent instructor, and ensured everyone maximized their learning and experience. These are valuable skills that will help advance my career

Leigh Anne White
Fisheries Technician, Port Alberni, B.C.

Good balance of field vs. classroom time. I felt the length of each portion was perfect. The instructor was such an excellent instructor – clear, approachable, helpful, encouraging. Highly recommend!

Melanie Kuzyk
Ecologist, North Vancouver, B.C.

Morgan has extensive leadership skills, knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices pertaining to resource management. His experience with legislation, policies, procedures, directives and guidelines, highlights Morgan’s exceptional skill set in the management of organizational resources.

Frank Varga
General Manager - Burns Lake Community Forest

Strongly recommend Morgan as an instructor! Morgan is crystal clear as an instructor, and I really benefited from his knowledge.

Tina Bailie
Environmental Monitor, Fort Nelson, BC

Eric was a great instructor; very knowledgeable, helpful, respectful, and passionate about course content. Field component was very valuable, and brought together the whole course.

Dylan Begin
Biologist, Cranbrook, B.C.

Leading edge instructor and in the field of eDNA methods. Top notch. Really enjoyed learning field procedures for robust data collection. Very thoroughly explained.

J. Stephen Sims

Really enjoyed the level of instructor’s expertise and willingness to share all methods, theory and materials.

Robyn Worcester

Great instructor! Morgan engaged me and increased my interest in this field.

Bryden Ashdown
Environmental Monitor, Fort Nelson, BC

Amazing course and instructor! The heavy field component allows students to dive into the material and thoroughly understand the content.

Larissa Chin
DFO Biologist, Vancouver, B.C.

Great course! Excellent balance of field vs class and we learned valuable skills that will certainly help me with my position.

Colin LaRochelle
Environmental Technician, Lillooet, B.C.

Great course with an amazing instructor!

Fonya Irvine
Biologist, Cochrane, Alberta

Fabulous instructor who made the course interesting and relevant. Practical field training was awesome.

Kendra Morgan
Biologist, Richmond, B.C.

Excellent program. Learning from NRTG instructors was an amazing experience.

Sheri Reece
Environmental Technician, Hartley Bay, B.C.

Course content was excellent. Darren was an incredible instructor and was very effective at creating field situations where streambank restoration techniques would be used.

Mike Hunka
Biologist, Edmonton, Alberta

This course exceeded my expectations. By far the most informative and engaging course I have taken. Amazing instructor and course!

Stacy Boczulak
Biologist, Burnaby, B.C.

The quality of this course and instruction was exactly what our company was looking for.

Lanny Amos
Biologist, Elkford, B.C.

Morgan is knowledgeable, hardworking, and always brings a sense of camaraderie to the crew. I learned invaluable skills in the field of forest development thanks to Morgan always taking the extra time to explain and talk ideas through. He is a great team leader and a pleasure to work for.

Brianna Lukkar
Registered Forest Technician

Great information and instructors. I am experienced in the field and learned lots too.

Patricia Clarke
Fisheries Technician, Merritt, B.C.

Morgan is an awesome instructor, and very helpful at all times. I truly enjoyed this course, and Morgan made it that much more interesting.

Staci Badine
Environmental Monitor, Fort Nelson, BC

The instructor was amazing.

Tyrell Worrell
Biologist, Minnow Environmental, Waterloo, ON

Excellent course, awesome instructors!

Roxanne Pinyon
Environmental Technician, Merritt, B.C.

Great training program! The instructor Al was very helpful and encouraging. I have learned skills that will be very helpful during my job.

Lenora Fraser
Environmental Monitor, Hope, B.C.

This course was professionally conducted and provided training specific to the needs of our organization. Excellent instructors and course content.

Natasha Lukey
Fisheries Technician, Merritt, B.C.

Of all the people I have known and worked with for over 25 years, Morgan has been the most consistent and level-headed. He embraces challenges as opportunity for change and is enthusiastic about innovation and how it can improve deliverables for the client. Morgan has a wealth of experienced and I consider him a leader in project planning and management. He is well liked by those that work for him and those that he works for and he is not afraid to engage in thought-provoking conversations.

Michael Verschoor
RPF, PMP, Manager, BC Hydro

Al McNeil was fantastic! knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. Course exceeded my expectations.

Noel Soogrim
Toronto, Ontario

Al was a great instructor! Really helpful during class and field.

Martin Walkus
Fisheries Technician, Port Hardy, B.C.

NRTG has knowledgeable and experienced instructors that are eager to share their expertise to the benefit of course participants and industry. This is a great course, and I learned a ton that will be really helpful.

Andrew Martin
Biologist, Prince George, B.C

Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are designed for several groups of individuals without prior experience: industry professionals, government, academia including current students, Indigenous learners, community stakeholders, and international students.

All participants must be a minimum age of sixteen (16) at the time of registration.  

Our costs vary by program. Please refer to the course of interest for specific cost information.

Our programs are offered in several formats (varies by specific course):

  1. Fully online with a ‘live’ instructor, with no field training
  2. Fully online with a ‘live’ instructor, with field training
  3. Fully online recorded course, with no field training
  4. Fully online recorded course, with field training
  5. In-person instruction in a community with class training only
  6. In-person instruction in a community with class and field training

Please refer to the specific course of interest for more information.

At present, NRTG delivers training programs in Canada with plans to offer our training programs internationally. If you are interested in having NRTG bring any program to your community or organization, please contact us for more information. Depending on the course topic, we deliver our programs year-round. Please refer to the course of interest for more information.

Our programs range in length from two days to five weeks in duration. Please refer to the specific course of interest on our Courses page for more information.

NRTG instructors are industry leading professionals and educators with extensive experience as practitioners and educators.  Our team members bring years of experience and knowledge to each course, focusing on the ‘need to know’ vs ‘nice to know’ content. Learn more about our team via this page.

Find a course of interest to you from our Courses page, refer to our Schedule page and that particular course. Use the calendar view or course-specific icons (below the calendar) to find and click on a course date and location (if applicable). Click on the ‘add to cart’ button and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to the participant names/emails entered here”.

Find a course of interest to you from our Courses page, refer to our Schedule page and that particular course. Use the calendar view or course-specific icons (below the calendar) to find and click on a course date and location (if applicable). Two options to register from here: one, click on the ‘add to cart’ button and follow the prompts to complete your registration and add student names and contact information.  Two, request to be invoiced to be finalized with LMS implementation….

Yes, a receipt will be issued automatically once enrolled. If you do not receive an invoice within one day, please check your spam folder and, if needed, contact NRTG.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Please refer to the course of interest for more information. 

Our fully online and classroom-only courses are available year-round, while any course that includes field training or exercises will start once suitable field conditions exist (e.g., unfrozen ground and waterways). These conditions vary by region, with field training beginning in February in coastal regions and March in interior regions. Please refer to our Schedule page for specific dates for the course of interest.

With online courses, your course materials will be sent to you digitally in an informational email prior to the course delivery. For in-person courses, your course materials will be provided to you by the instructor.

NRTG will provide you with a log on link prior to the course delivery. Our online ‘live’ courses are delivered using the Zoom platform.  If you are not familiar with using Zoom, we recommend that you view the many useful Zoom ‘how to’ videos online.

Please turn off your computer, restart, and try to log on again. If you are still experiencing trouble connecting at that point, please send an email to: info@nrtraininggroup.com outlining your issue.

Please send an email to: info@nrtraininggroup.com outlining your issue.

Search in your inbox for an email from NRTG with the course name in the title. Also, check your spam folder and/or check your course receipt for login details. As a last resort, email NRTG to request a copy of the login information.

The instructor will make this determination during the course. At times, internet connections may be weak, and the connection can be improved by turning off your video and audio features. Keep in mind that our courses are very interactive and will require your participation. The instructor will then guide you as to when to turn your video and audio on.

Please direct your questions to NRTG and if we cannot address the question, we will involve the instructor. Our instructors are professionals from industry, academia, and government, and often work set hours and may not be readily available. For this reason, NRTG will field questions and do our best to provide you with a timely response.

There are several potential starting points to secure fisheries-related employment opportunities. NRTG offers a series of courses that will provide you with essential skills to conduct fish and fish habitat inventory and assessment fieldwork. For any fisheries field work, we would recommend that you complete our backpack Electrofishing Certification course first, as this course and certification is in high demand by employers. Our Fish Habitat Assessment – Level One and Fish Inventory course will provide key skills to conducting fish habitat assessments. Completing these two courses will provide you with the minimum qualifications to secure fisheries-related employment.

NRTG has created and offers a series of courses designed to provide you with essential skills to conduct fish habitat restoration projects. Fish Habitat Restoration – Field Techniques provides you with key field skills required to conduct the many field procedures related to restoration projects. This course is appropriate for anyone and all skill levels.  Our Fish Habitat Restoration – Instream Techniques, Fish Habitat Restoration – Off-Channel Techniques, and Streambank Restoration Techniques courses all focus on specific and important types of fish habitat restoration. 

NRTG has created and offers a series of courses designed to provide you with essential skills to conduct wildlife field techniques and projects. We would recommend that you first complete our eDNA Methods and Wildlife Survey Field Methods courses, followed by the more specific Wildlife Survey Field Methods – Ungulates. To conduct bird surveys, we recommend our popular Avian Nest Sweeps course that provides in-demand skills and knowledge for conducting bird surveys. To conduct amphibian surveys, our Amphibian and Reptile Salvage Methods course.  In combination, these courses will qualify you to conduct wildlife surveys.

NRTG has created and offers a series of Certificate programs designed to provide you with essential skills to fulfill roles Indigenous stewardship roles.  Our popular Environmental Field Skills Certificate program, Fisheries Field Skills Certificate program, Forestry Field Skills Certificate program, and new Land Guardian Program are popular applied training programs suited for community-based deliveries. Each program specializes in specific skills training that will qualify you for employment.

Our RISC Archaeology & CMT Training for Crew Members and Cultural Heritage Monitor programs provide you with in demand skills in field archaeology and cultural heritage assessments.

While all NRTG courses will provide you with year-round employment, there are specific ‘office-based’ skills and abilities that will maximize your employment opportunities. Fundamental to any natural resource-related employment and effectiveness is good writing, whether that be field notes, reports, proposals, or an email or any other written correspondence. Our popular Technical Writing for Professionals course provides you with more impactful and effective writing skills, while Technical Writing for Professionals: Report Writing provides you with skills to develop more readable, clear, persuasive, and compelling reports.

NRTG offers courses designed for intermediate and senior staff or professionals that manage projects.

Most any natural resource-related work involves legislation and regulations. NRTG’s Working in and About Water: Legislation, Regulations and Responsibilities clarifies the processes, regulations and constraints involved in working in and about water.  For professionals requiring skills to design a scientifically defensible study, our Experimental Design in Ecology course will provide skills in study design, site and equipment selection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data.

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