Instructor Profiles

Sean Mitchell, PhD, RP Bio

Fisheries Biologist

Having not held a single job for more than three years at a stretch, but rather choosing to work in a wide variety of environments and positions, Sean has a great deal of experience developing and revising his own resume. This wide range of work experience has also exposed him to a great variety of other’s resumes (the good, the bad, the ugly). And ranging from first job resumes to experienced academics. From witnessing these other’s documents, and his own mistakes, he has found consistent errors, oversights, and poor decisions are common among these documents. Sean believes the piece lacking in developing most resumes, and resulting in weak presentation, is strategy, and that is what he teaches.

Sean’s chosen career has required continual writing during his professional life, including more than fifty contract reports, two academic theses, and twenty-three professional, peer reviewed papers. However, in addition to a requirement for his work, writing is a passion for Sean. He has written articles and short pieces for non-technical audience and is currently working on three book projects (two non-fiction; one novel). Sean brings tools and strategies from other forms of writing to technical writing. He strongly believes, and propounds, that studying the processes which fiction and creative writers use can greatly help our technical writing abilities and efficiencies.

To teach a writing course requires some experience in teaching as well as writing. Sean has taught six biology courses at universities in Nova Scotia and British Columbia, ranging from first to third year, and from introductory biology to field school. He has been teaching with NRTG for three years. He now brings the tools and strategies learned from these experiences to this writing course to create a valuable learning experience to the student.

Jason Cote, B.Sc., R.P.Bio.

Jason’s career has progressed from a technical specialist (in the field of marine and freshwater fisheries biology) to a business owner and senior leader and mentor. If asked today what sets him apart from other environmental professionals, its his drive to develop and foster long-term relationships with colleagues, regulators, proponents and First Nations. For emerging environmental professionals, a compelling and engaging resume is, in many cases, the first step in fostering such relationships. Through strong technical writing, and a modest flare of artistic persuasion, Jason provides powerful techniques and tools to transpose “you” on paper in a professional manner.

Jason’s approach to resume writing is based on 17 years experience working with government agencies, consulting, non-profit organizations and educational groups. This diversity of experience has taught him one universal truth – the objective of any written document is to present a clear message and lead the reader to an informed conclusion. Jason empowers students to go beyond the online robotic resume templates to clearly and confidently demonstrate the “why you are worthy” message and receive the prospective interview, grant, funding, or project.