Course Customization

This course can also be customized for an organization and/or community based on their needs.  In its standard format, this course is comprised of two, one-week modules:   

Week 1:  Essential skills: Mapping, Orientation, Navigation, Compassing/GPS, Data Collection, Water Quality Monitoring, Stream Hydrology.  

Week 2:  Fish & Fish Habitat Inventory/Assessment, Aquatic Insect Inventory, Streambank Restoration, Fish Passage Methods, Electrofishing Certification  

Each weekly module can be delivered independently or combined with another NRTG training program. For instance, this course could be delivered as a one week course along with our Fish Habitat Restoration courses or any other NRTG training program.  

Please contact us with your ideas and needs, and we’ll work with you to design and deliver a specialized training program that meets your needs.