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How do I attend?

This course is available via our website schedule, or on contract to industry or community groups. NRTG’s Electrofishing Certification course is offered in two formats: Our Electrofishing Certification courses are regularly scheduled for community-based deliveries throughout the year (February to late October, providing suitable weather). Interested groups or organizations can also arrange for an in-house … Continued

What do I do if I can’t finish the Self-Paced Training in time?

This course requires that you finish the Electrofishing Certification Self-Paced Training at least 5 days before your Electrofishing Field Studies session. If you cannot complete the Self-Paced Training in that time, please contact NRTG. Alternatively, you can wait for NRTG to automatically deregister you from the course and you can use the tuition fee held … Continued

What are the layers/types of soil?

Soil Terminology:Forest Floor: The entire thickness of organic material overlying the mineral soil, consisting of litter and humus.Litter: Undecomposed or only partially decomposed organic material that can be readily identified (e.g., plant, leaves, twigs, etc.).Humus: The dark organic matter that forms in soil when dead plant and animal matter decays. Humus lies under the litter … Continued