How does this program differ from Wildlife Survey Field Methods?

Wildlife Survey Field Methods: Ungulates expands on and explores details of methods and issues specific to ungulate surveys. In contrast, Wildlife Survey Field Methods is an introduction to methods for a wide variety of mammalian species, from shrews to bears, including but providing relatively shallow treatment of ungulates. Wildlife Survey Field Methods: Ungulates then expands … Continued

What personal equipment is required for this course?

For online deliveries we do not require you to purchase equipment for this course, but please use personal field gear if you currently have it (e.g., binoculars, field tape, compass, clinometer). For in-person deliveries, NRTG will supply the required equipment. The most important personal equipment you can have for this course are appropriate clothing for … Continued

What is the course format?

The course is offered via two formats: online or in community. The on-line delivery includes students from a broad geographic region and consists of approximately half morning lectures (via Zoom) and half independent completion of assigned exercises outdoors in the afternoon. That is, exercises are completed by the individual, not as a group or class. … Continued

When is this course offered?

NRTG offers this course online almost every two months in an online format year-round. It can also be requested to be delivered in-person within a community or company. This course is offered in two forms: as three consecutive days or over five evenings spaced over two and a half weeks. The first approach is intended … Continued