NRTG’s ‘Electrofishing Recertification’ course includes free, lifetime attendance and recertification. * To be eligible, prospective registrants for NRTG’s ‘Electrofishing Recertification’ course:


A current and valid WorkSafeBC approved Electrofishing Certification and an approved Level One First Aid course (containing a CPR component) are also required for all practitioners conducting electrofishing field work.


By the end of this course, course participants will be able to: Define electrofishing certification, standards and the practice of electrofishingContrast and define the levels and responsibilities of Electrofishing CertificationIdentify mandatory and applicable Electrofishing standards and regulationsManage resistance, voltage and power in an electrofishing systemDefine and contrast electrical pulse types and electrical fields in waterContrast … Continued

Instructor Profile

Sean Mitchell, PhD, RP Bio Fisheries Biologist Sean has worked in and studied the field of biology and impact assessment since 1987 and in that time has gained experience in four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland) working on a broad array of fish and wildlife, from periphyton to mammals. Sean’s experience … Continued

Course Fees

Course fees will vary by course delivery location.  For further information, please refer to our Course Schedule.   


There are no formal prerequisites.  A standard college or university English course or previous experience writing reports is recommended.