What courses would provide me with year-round employment?

While all NRTG courses will provide you with year-round employment, there are specific ‘office-based’ skills and abilities that will maximize your employment opportunities. Fundamental to any natural resource-related employment and effectiveness is good writing, whether that be field notes, reports, proposals, or an email or any other written correspondence. Our popular Technical Writing for Professionals … Continued

I would like to begin a career focusing on Indigenous stewardship. What courses would you recommend?

NRTG has created and offers a series of Certificate programs designed to provide you with essential skills to fulfill roles Indigenous stewardship roles.  Our popular Environmental Field Skills Certificate program, Fisheries Field Skills Certificate program, Forestry Field Skills Certificate program, and new Land Guardian Program are popular applied training programs suited for community-based deliveries. Each … Continued

Can I contact my instructor prior to the course with questions?

Please direct your questions to NRTG and if we cannot address the question, we will involve the instructor. Our instructors are professionals from industry, academia, and government, and often work set hours and may not be readily available. For this reason, NRTG will field questions and do our best to provide you with a timely … Continued