None.  A standard one to two-day First Aid course is required as a co-requisite to the Electrofishing Certification training.  

Course Customization

This course can also be customized for an organization and/or community based on their needs.  In its standard format, this course is comprised of two, one-week modules:    Week 1:  Essential skills: Mapping, Orientation, Navigation, Compassing/GPS, Data Collection, Water Quality Monitoring, Stream Hydrology.   Week 2:  Fish & Fish Habitat Inventory/Assessment, Aquatic Insect Inventory, Streambank Restoration, Fish … Continued

Course Format 

The 80-hour (two-week) Fisheries Field Skills Program is available in two formats:   The Fisheries Field Skills Program delivery ‘season’ will vary by region, as the program requires suitable field conditions (unfrozen stream water and suitable water temperatures and flow levels, etc.). 


Fisheries Field Skills Program graduates are qualified to perform fish and fish habitat inventory and assessments directly, or as an assistant to professional biologists, hydrologists, experienced technicians, and other fisheries professionals.   Upon successful completion, participants will be qualified and able to: