How do I determine the slope angle from a topographical map?

The contour lines on the map will show the vertical distance from one line to the next. To determine slope angle, add up the number of contour lines crossed to get the vertical distance, then measure the horizontal distance on the map with a ruler and check it against the scale on the map. Once … Continued

How far down should I dig for a dirt sample?

It’s recommended that you go for a walk and try to find a location where somebody or something has already cut into the ground so you can see the layers. Possible locations to keep an eye out for are trails, construction sites, or stream banks.

How do I get the measure of my pace (or step)?

Take 10 steps, measure the total distance traveled, the divide that distance by 10. This will give you the average distance traveled with one step.Keep this number in your field book to use when estimating other distances through pacing.

Is there field work every week?

Yes, there will be a different field work activity assigned each week. Check the weekly course instructions to find out more.