Instructor Profile

Tom Boag, MSc. PBiol. has worked with fish populations and aquatic habitat since the summer of 1982 and has consulted full time since 1990. He has 30+ years of Boat Electrofishing and industry experience working with freshwater fish populations and their habitat. Tom is a respected leader and innovator in the practice of Boat Electrofishing.  … Continued


This specialized training course has two prerequisites: 1) A Worksafe-approved  backpack Electrofishing Certification 2) a current and valid First Aid certification (that accompanies and is required for the backpack Electrofishing Certification). Note: Successful completion and acquisition of a Small Vessel Operator’s (SVOP) Course (24-hour) and MED3 first aid certification(s) MAY be a mandatory provincial requirement. Please … Continued


By the end of this course, course participants will be able to: