NRTG is excited to share our new launch of MicroCourses in 2024! 

Fast track your skill development with our concise, stackable courses! 

NRTG’s MicroCourses offer a dynamic training pathway that’s as flexible as it is enriching to build expertise. Our concise MicroCourses, each 4 hours long, will guide you through focused, advanced topics. Courses are stackable and designed to build upon each other and integrate knowledge. These in-depth sessions integrate seamlessly, empowering you to chart your learning journey at your own pace. With informal and formal mentoring woven in by our team of expert instructors, you’ll navigate a vast array of topics to sculpt your unique skill set.

Through NRTG’s MicroCourses, you’ll immerse yourself deeply in a specific tool, sampling strategy, or approach, gaining practical insights into its advantages, pitfalls, and optimal usage. By the end, you’ll not only grasp the topic inside-out but also wield it effectively toward your goals.