Do I need to complete first aid training prior to taking this course?

First aid training may be obtained before or after this training program.

What is an appropriate first aid training program?

Ensure first aid training is recognized and endorsed by work safety agencies in North America. This one-day training program may be referred to by different titles, such as “Occupational First Aid” or “Standard First Aid”. Consult with your provincial or state Worksafe authorities for more information.

Does the Environmental Field Skills Certificate expire?

No, there is no requirement to recertify for this program. If there is a significant pause in your environmental monitoring fieldwork (e.g., four years or more), we would recommend that you recertify with NRTG. Note: all NRTG courses include free, lifetime certification. Enrol once – come back anytime.

Is this program certified?

NRTG’s Environmental Field Skills (EFS) Certificate program is accredited by BC’s College of Applied Biology (CAB). CAB will recognize graduates of the EFS program as meeting the core academic requirements for entry as an Applied Biology Technician. An ‘Applied Biology Technician’ designation qualifies an individual as a B.C. provincially recognized and certified technician and helps to expand their industry credibility. 

NRTG also partners with post-secondary institutes across Canada, who offer their own non-credit Certificate of Completion for this program. Contact NRTG for further details.

Can I attend any portion of this program?

Absolutely! First, identify an upcoming EFS program of interest and notify NRTG well in advance of the start date. We will do our best to create a free seat for past NRTG students and coordinate your attendance during the program.