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Do I need to complete first aid training prior to taking this course?

First aid training may be obtained before or after this training program and should be in place prior to conducting electrofishing activities as a paid employee or worker.

What is an appropriate first aid training program?

Ensure first aid training is recognized and endorsed by Worksafe agencies in North America. This one-day training program may be referred to by different titles, such as “Occupational First Aid” or “Standard First Aid”. Consult with your provincial or state Worksafe authorities for more information.

Does the Electrofishing Recertification certificate expire?

No, there is no requirement to recertify your electrofishing certificate. If there is a significant pause in your electrofishing fieldwork (e.g., four years or more), we would recommend that you recertify with NRTG. Note: all NRTG courses include free, lifetime certification. Enrol once – come back anytime.

Does the backpack Electrofishing Recertification course also certify me to conduct boat electrofishing?

No. Boat electrofishing is entirely unique from backpack electrofishing and requires different skills, abilities and knowledge. NRTG offers both backpack and boat electrofishing certification. Please refer to our Courses page for more information.

What is the process to upgrade my certificate from Crew Supervisor-in-Training to Crew Supervisor?

Simply contact NRTG via phone or email and request your upgrade. Please provide us with the previous NRTG course date and location. We will issue you a free upgraded Certificate!

My previous Electrofishing certification is from Ontario. Do I need to recertify to practice electrofishing in BC?

Yes, as this is a WorksafeBC requirement. To certify in BC, attend our Electrofishing Recertification course where you can attend both the online theory session and/or field session.