Plant Collection and Protocols – Online – June 10th & June 12th, 2024

  •  10 June 2024 - 12 June 2024
     3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Note: This event is split into two sessions over two days; June 10th and June 12th.

Upon mastering plant identification skills, students and field technicians may undertake the task of curating a plant collection to apply their knowledge within their local environment. Prior to embarking on collection expeditions, it is imperative for students and/or field technicians to acquire a comprehensive understanding of protocols associated with gathering plants, especially those that are rare, endangered, toxic, allergenic, or possess medicinal or cultural significance, particularly to Indigenous communities. Furthermore, familiarity with procedures for accessing plant data and obtaining permissions for collection from various landowners (public, private, Indigenous reserves, etc.) is essential. Once the protocols for plant collection have been established, students will be instructed in the proper techniques for subsequent stages of the collection process: 

  • The appropriate amount of plant material to gather 
  • Techniques for pressing and drying plant specimens 
  • Methods for labeling and documenting plant samples 

Long-term preservation entails: 

  • Mounting specimens to herbarium standards 
  • Scientific labeling techniques 
  • Familiarization with herbarium collections 

This course appeals to students across educational levels, field technicians, First Nations plant harvesters and technicians, and anyone keen on deepening their understanding of plant gathering and preservation. 

Equipment needed includes materials for a simple plant press, local ecosystem field guides (optional), and collecting essentials like bags, scissors, notebooks, cameras, markers, and plant tags. 

While not mandatory, completion of Plant Identification Level 1 and/or Plant Identification Level 2 is recommended as a prerequisite. 

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