Wildlife Survey Field Methods – Ungulates

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In this applied three-day, fully online course, refine and further investigate ground-based and aerial-survey methods on ungulates of North America. Practice a wide variety of methods such as visual survey methods (transect and block), identification of signs (tracks, scat, markings) and data collection from ungulate carcasses. Emphasis is placed on integration of methods to maximize data collection and inferences of habitat use and abundance. Aerial survey methods are limited to online instruction.


  • Determine sex and approximate age and sex of ungulates
  • Conduct standard visual survey methods and ungulate-specific methods using block and transect surveys
  • Conduct aerial survey methods
  • Conduct basic ungulate sign and surveying (e.g., browse surveys, pellet group counts)
  • Determine the age, sex, and health indicators from carcasses

This Course Includes

  • Customizable option 
  • Free, lifetime access


Participants are required to bring their own equipment:

  • Waterproof field notebook
  • Compass
  • Camera (phone camera is acceptable)
  • All-weather boots
  • Field clothing
  • Binoculars (optional but recommended)
  • GPS (optional but recommended)
  • Field tape (optional but recommended)
  • plant field guide (optional but recommended)

Check out our FAQs on equipment.


  • Knowledge and experience with basic field tools such as map, compass, and GPS (recommended)
  • Knowledge of plant identification, e.g., trees and shrubs (recommended)

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