Wildlife Survey Field Methods – Carnivores

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Wildlife Survey Field Methods: Carnivores is an applied three-day course introducing ground-based survey methods for carnivores of North America. Through instruction, demonstrations, and field exercises, participants learn a variety of methods to conduct surveys for carnivores; are introduced to understanding and interpreting carnivore sign; and are encouraged to appreciate the value of information derived from carcasses. The advanced techniques of identifying cause of death by predator, field necropsy, carnivores as nuisance wildlife, and carnivore diseases and parasites are also covered. This course is a hybrid, comprised one-half of scientific survey and one-half of woodcraft, providing participants a little bit of theoretical background, but primarily introducing them and expanding their skills base to find, identify, and collect valuable information on carnivore presence, relative abundance, sex, age, and health in an area.


  • Standard visual and auditory survey methods and carnivore-specific methods using block and transect surveys
  • Attracting predators via calling and baiting
  • Basics of trapping carnivores (lethal and live-trapping, collecting DNA and tracks)
  • Method for conducting den surveys
  • Basic carnivore sign and surveying for it 
  • Sexing and ageing live animals and carcasses
  • Interpreting predation sign on prey animals

This Course Includes

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  • Free, lifetime access


Participants are required to bring their own equipment:

  • Waterproof field notebook
  • Compass
  • Camera (phone camera is acceptable)
  • Suitable all-weather boots
  • Appropriate clothing for field work
  • Binoculars
  • GPS
  • Field tape
  • Guide to tracks and sign are optional but recommended. 

Check out our FAQs on equipment.


  • Knowledge and experience with basic field tools such as map, compass, and GPS is recommended. 

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