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Format: 1) Online and field training (Self-directed) OR 2) Field training (Instructor-led)


NRTG’s Land Guardian Program meets the increasing demand for skilled and certified guardians employed within communities, industry, non-profit organizations, or regional stakeholder groups. This five-week (200-hour) program is designed and developed by NRTG with input from industry sector representatives (e.g., oil & gas, mining, agriculture, marine, forestry, fisheries, environment, cultural heritage, linear development, and natural resources). 

The Land Guardian Program combines extensive applied, field-based training with realistic case study and role-playing exercises that build practical skills and a comprehensive working knowledge of technical procedures as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.  A Land Guardian Program graduate is then qualified to fulfill roles as a Land Guardian, Watchman, Environmental Monitor, Environmental Technician, and other land management positions. 


  • Observe, record and report environmental field data
  • Conduct standard environmental assessments and inventories for: water, plants and trees, wildlife, fish, and soil
  • Operate, calibrate and maintain a wide variety of environmental field equipment and ‘tools’
  • Identify and classify types of vegetation, wildlife, fish and soils
  • Conduct water quality and field assessment procedures
  • Identify and interpret environmental field conditions
  • Design and implement field programs
  • Develop reports and communicate results with industry stakeholders
  • Conduct environmental monitoring during construction projects
  • Manage contracts and projects, staffing, budgets, resource scheduling, and crew supervision.
  • Interpret and implement environmental legislation
  • Identify sensitive species and uphold sensitive habitat working windows
  • Conduct erosion and sediment control measures
  • Write effective business communications, reports and project proposals

This Course Includes

  • Customizable option
  • Free, lifetime access
  • Land Guardian Certificate


Course participants are required to provide their own personal protective equipment. 

  • Suunto PM5 Clinometer 
  • Waterproof Field Book 
  • Suitable outdoor clothing 
  • Bag lunch and refreshments each day 
  • Non-slip footwear 
  • Eslon or other 30m measuring tape 


  • A standard one or two-day First Aid course

Course FAQs

Check out our FAQs on the Land Guardian Program.

Next Available Course

Course NameLand Guardian Program - Online - September 9 – October 11 2024
Course DatesSeptember 9, 2024 - September 9, 2024
InstructorsSamantha MacKay, M.Sc., P.Biol., P.Ag.
Rebecca Hay
Alan McNeill, BSc.
Raymond Campbell
Charity Blaney, M.Sc.
ContactFor inquiries on this course, please contact NRTG at:

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