Fish Identification: Pacific Salmon Juveniles

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NRTG’s MicroCourses offer a dynamic training pathway that’s as flexible as it is enriching to build expertise. Our Fish Identification: Pacific Salmon Juveniles MIcroCourse, spanning four hours, delivers in-depth training in an easily digestible format. It’s designed to maximize your skills for immediate application.    

In the Pacific Northwest, accurately identifying Juvenile Pacific Salmon is crucial for effective resource management. This skill is indispensable for environmental practitioners working in and around water in this region. Our focused MicroCourse equips participants with the necessary strategies and species-specific physiological knowledge to master the identification of juvenile salmon during their fry to smolt life stages in freshwater habitats. Gain essential expertise to contribute to informed decision-making and sustainable water management in the Pacific Northwest. 

Course will be 4 hours long. 

Instructor Profile 

Kyle Milburn, BSc.

Kyle Milburn has 18 years experience conducting fisheries and hydrometric studies in British Columbia. Since 2006, Kyle has worked as a consultant conducting environmental impact assessments for Independent Power Producers as well as conducting water use plan studies for BC Hydro.

Kyle has worked on countless streams throughout British Columbia and has extensive knowledge in the fields of fish identification, fisheries resource inventory, fish habitat assessment, in stream flow studies, ramping studies/stranding monitoring, water quality testing and hydrometric installations and measurements.

Kyle has numerous specialty safety certifications and is experienced and comfortable in all outdoor settings. He is extremely comfortable working with students and members of the general public, having previously been employed in the nature-based tourism industry as a fishing guide, commercial bear viewing guide, naturalist and certified captain. Kyle has a passion for fish and people.

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