Fish Habitat Assessment – Level One

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Format: Online and field training


The Fish Habitat Assessment (FHA) – Level One course is an intensive, ‘hands-on’, online and field-based two-day review of standard North American fish and fish habitat assessment and evaluation methods.  In this course, you will learn how to conduct measurements, assessments and evaluations of stream morphology, fish habitat features, substrate, pebble counts, stream impacts, and habitat limiting factors.  


  • Conduct a standard and advanced fish habitat assessment
  • Recognize fish habitat types and requirements by fish species and life stage
  • Quantify the quality and quantity of fish habitat by fish species and life stage
  • Collect and record standard fish habitat assessment data
  • Measure and assess fish passage/stream crossing structures to determine fish passage
  • Operate standard fish habitat field equipment
  • Conduct a quantitative stream pebble count
  • Identify and quantify fish habitat disturbance indicators
  • Develop field notes that describe and quantify fish habitat conditions

This Course Includes

  • Free, lifetime access


Participants are required to bring their own equipment:

  • Chest waders with non-slip footwear (felt, cleat or rubber soled wading shoes or wader boots)
  • Waterproof field notebook
  • Field clothing
  • Clinometer (optional but recommended)
  • Eslon or other 30 m measuring tape (optional but recommended)
  • Metric meter stick (1.2 m wooden doweling) (optional but recommended)

Check out our FAQs on equipment.


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