Environmental DNA (eDNA) Methods

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Format: Online and field training


Acquire formal training on project design and learn critical considerations for lab/sample-testing protocols, including data interpretation, in this two-day online training program. Learn effective survey design, sample collection, project implementation and reporting.


  • Identify limitations and advantages of eDNA, including its use relative to conventional survey methods
  • Recognize opportunities where eDNA methods may confer efficiencies, in time and cost, relative to conventional methods.
  • Design and conduct an eDNA study and be familiar with field sampling methods and protocol to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Identify procedural requirements for safe handling, transport and storage of eDNA samples.
  • Identify and meet project requirements, from ‘cradle-to-grave’ including considerations for primer development, sample design, project budgeting, implementation and reporting.
  • Collect samples efficiently and effectively
  • Conduct sample collection field skills for lotic and lentic environments
  • Identify critical reporting requirements to ensure accuracy and transparency

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