Boat Electrofishing Certification

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Format: Online and field training


In this two-day course, develop the skills and competencies to become Boat Electrofishing Operators and Crew Members. You will learn how to inspect, set up, test and troubleshoot all related equipment, while also interpret and navigate field site (river) conditions, determine and implement fishing strategies, and operate a boat in a wide variety of conditions to maximize fish capture efficiency and river safety. This course includes a half-day instructor-led online session, where you will learn safety and operational procedures, followed by a 1.5-day field practicum, where you will apply this knowledge to electrofish and operate an electrofishing boat.


  • Identify regulatory requirements and best practices for boat electrofishing (e.g., Worksafe, OHS, Transport Canada)
  • Contrast the roles and responsibilities of Boat Electrofishing Certification including boat operator and crew member roles
  • Identify mandatory and applicable electrofishing standards and regulations
  • Identify different types of boat electrofishers and understand their applications and limitations (boats, electrofishing units and anode/cathode designs)
  • Manage various elements of a boat electrofishing unit, including resistance, voltage and power in an electrofishing system
  • Contrast the types of electrofishing boat units, and their components, features, limitations and capabilities
  • Contrast and define the roles and responsibilities of crew persons (boat operators and netters)
  • Inspect, set up, test, and troubleshoot all related boat electrofishing equipment
  • Identify mandatory and optional personal protective gear, boat electrofisher safety features, hand signals, and boat safety equipment
  • Interpret site conditions and establish and monitor appropriate electrofisher settings to maximize fish capture efficiency and reduce harm to fish
  • ‘Read’ a river while operating an electrofishing boat, and adapt to changing stream flow and depth conditions
  • Identify best strategies to maximize catch efficiency while minimizing potential adverse effects to fish
  • Identify key electrofishing safety procedures
  • Respond appropriately to potentially dangerous scenarios and to a boat electrofishing-related field incident
  • Conduct standard emergency response procedures
  • Understand crew communication techniques to achieve safe and efficient sampling and consistent data collection
  • Identify types of boat electrofishing field programs and the various approaches to boat electrofishing depending on study design, habitat type, and equipment
  • Understand proper fish observation technique to maximize the quality of data that is collected
  • Operate a boat to maximize fish capture efficiency (for boat operators)
  • Net fish to maximize fish capture techniques, ensure crew safety, and reduce harm to fish
  • Identify and minimize adverse effects to fish
  • Practice proper fish holding, handling, processing, and release techniques to reduce harm to fish

This Course Includes

  • Free, lifetime access
  • Boat Electrofishing Certification


Caution: Please ensure your wading equipment is free of Invasives and Whirling disease.

Participants are required to bring their own equipment:

  • Chest waders
  • Non-slip footwear (felt or aggressive rubber sole) 
  • Wading belt
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Hat with a brim (e.g., ball cap)

Note: NRTG will supply Lineman’s gloves, a boat electrofisher, and all associated field equipment during this training program.

Check out our FAQs on equipment.


  • WorkSafe-approved Backpack Electrofishing Certification
  • Current and valid First Aid certification

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