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Avian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring

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Format: Online (Subject to change)


The two-day, fully online Avian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring Methods training program will train participants to perform efficient, effective, and ecologically responsible nest sweeps for breeding birds. After completing this course participants will understand the regulatory and environmental drivers behind this practice and be prepared to plan and conduct these specialized surveys. Being able to perform nest sweeps thoroughly and efficiently is a valuable and applicable skill for environmental professionals


  • Develop an appropriate plan for conducting nest sweeps
  • Identify common types of nests and birds
  • Select the equipment needed for Avian surveys
  • Apply species and habitat specific survey techniques
  • Develop efficient data sheets for monitoring nests and reporting survey results
  • Communicate with clients and regulators to complete effective surveys

What should I bring or supply? 

Own computer and a stable internet connection, writing supplies for taking notes are also recommended. 

Instructor Profile 

Jeannine Randall, MSc., RPBio.

Avian Ecologist 

Jeannine has over 12 years experience studying birds in both academic and professional contexts. Her broad interest in ecology stems from a diverse background, working on multiple taxa in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Jamaica. In particular, she has a strong proficiency in the planning and implementation of avian-specific field techniques, including capture methods, nest surveys, and identifying species by sight and sound. She has also studied the breeding ecology of amphibians and conducted amphibian salvage. Jeannine is skilled at communicating with diverse groups of learners in both classroom and applied field settings. She is passionate about teaching and applying sound scientific practices as an environmental professional. 

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Course NameAvian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring Methods - Online - May 9-10th, 2024
Course DatesMay 9, 2024 - May 9, 2024
  • Jeannine Randall, MSc.
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