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Congratulations students of Amazon’s Career Choice: Environmental Field Skills Program! We hope that you recognize the accomplishment you have just completed. The program is intense and demanding, introducing you to ideas you may not have previously considered and asking you to do activities that may, at first, have seemed foreign. We required you to use mathematics in a way that many of you may not have done since high school. We respect that parts of this program can be challenging. For these reasons we at NRTG applaud each of you that has completed the program.

The past ten weeks have introduced you to many of the fundamental and universal skills used within the environmental field. This program is an introduction; each of the skills introduced can be delved into in much greater depth depending upon your interests and what type of work you would like to do. We hope that you will be inspired to now learn more and practice techniques to master whatever of the skills you are most intrigued by. This is only the beginning of learning.

Not only have you become familiar with field skills, but the resume and job-search strategy sessions have provided you the tools to compete compellingly in the workforce for entry level positions. In a short two and a half months – and with a great deal of work on your part – you have gone from an Amazon employee interested in the outdoors and being outside to possessing the skills and knowledge to enter the environmental practice, if you so desire.

Throughout this program NRTG has emphasized that this past ten weeks have been the beginning of a relationship with each of you. We are available, and keen, to help you in your future endeavors whether they be exploring fields, forests, and waterways for pleasure or seeking that breakthrough job to begin a career in a new field. We are sincere in this commitment to each student. It does, however, require on your part to reach out or stay in touch with us. You have been introduced to a number of excellent instructors, each of whom is interested in mentoring or helping people starting out in the field, as each of us have had mentors and colleagues that helped us to become what we have. Their network is now your network… but it is up to you to take advantage of this opportunity.

All of us at NRTG and the instructors that you met wish each of you the very best in whatever you choose to do in the future. It has been our absolute pleasure to spend time with you and we hope to see you in future courses or in the field someday.

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