Lake Management Techniques

Species at Risk Screening is an applied, two-day, fully online course focusing on how to determine which Species at Risk are known to occur in a particular area, how to identify potential habitat opportunities, and how to assign a relative potential for that species to be present.


NRTG Ichthyology provides training to manage fisheries and evaluate requirements for fish habitat restoration projects, helping to conduct ecological studies.

Streambank Restoration Techniques

NRTG Streambank Restoration provides training to construct, install and maintain lakeshore restoration and soil bioengineering structures and techniques.

Snorkel Survey Techniques

NRTG Snorkel Survey Techniques provides training to study fish populations and assess habitat use, fish abundance, and run timing in BC coastal rivers.

Fish Inventory Techniques

NRTG Fish Inventory Techniques provides training for technicians and field biologists conducting fish inventory, salvaging and population estimation programs.