Species at Risk


Species at Risk is an applied, two-day, fully online course focusing on how to determine which species at risk are known to occur in a particular area, how to identify potential habitat opportunities, and how to assign a relative potential for that species to be present.  

Who attends?

Recent graduates looking for hands-on training, early-career ecologists, biologists, or technicians. 

How do I attend?

This course is available for individual registration via our website schedule page, or on contract to organizations/community groups. Are interested in a contract delivery of this course? If so, please contact us.

What should I bring or supply? 

Own computer and a stable internet connection, writing supplies for taking notes are also recommended. 

More Information

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify species at risk known to occur in a particular geographic region 
  • Locate species and habitat information
  • Conduct a desktop evaluation of potential habitat opportunities for species at risk
  • Conduct a site reconnaissance to document and assess habitat opportunities for Species at Risk
  • Assign relative potential for a species at risk to be present based on habitat availability
  • Identify and contrast industry best practices for mitigation

Knowledge and experience with basic field skills such as map reading, compass, and GPS is recommended, along with some familiarity with vegetation/ plant community identification and wildlife signs.

Maggie Pugh, M.Sc


Maggie Pugh is an Ecologist with more than 18 years specializing in ecosystem assessment. She completed graduate research in Canada’s northern wetlands and has worked as an ecologist in the private sector for more that 15 years.  She is a seasoned field biologist with expertise in Species at Risk screenings and permitting, flora and fauna inventories, seasonal wildlife surveys, significant wildlife habitat assessment, rare species monitoring programs, wetland and vegetation community assessments, sediment/ erosion control and environmental monitoring. Maggie is an Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES) evaluator, Butternut Health Assessor, and is certified in Ecological Land Classification (ELC).