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Land Guardian Program


NRTG’s Land Guardian Program (LGP) meets the increasing demand for skilled and certified guardians employed within communities, industry, non-profit organizations, or regional stakeholder groups. This five-week (200-hour) program is designed and developed by NRTG with input from industry sector representatives (e.g., oil & gas, mining, agriculture, marine, forestry, fisheries, environment, cultural heritage, linear development, and natural resources). 

The Land Guardian Program combines extensive applied, field-based training with realistic case study and role-playing exercises that build practical skills and a comprehensive working knowledge of technical procedures as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.  A Land Guardian Program graduate is then qualified to fulfill roles as a Land Guardian, Watchman, Environmental Monitor, Environmental Technician, and other land management positions. 

Recently accredited by the College of Applied Biologists, the Land Guardian Program’s graduates will be recognized by The College as fully meeting the academic requirements for entry as an Applied Biology Technician (ABT). Applicants are still required to meet the other conditions for entry including post-graduate work experience and professional references as outlined in the College Credentialing Standard

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Who attends?

Course participants typically include existing land guardians, environmental monitors and technicians, industry stakeholders and resource workers. 

How do I attend?

The Land Guardian Program is available via our website schedule, or on contract to community groups. The Land Guardian Certificate Program is regularly scheduled throughout the year (providing suitable weather conditions for student field exercises). Interested groups or organizations can also arrange for an ‘in-house’ or contract delivery of this program.   

If you would like to have the Land Guardian Program delivered to your group or community, please consider the following: 

  1. Contact us well in advance of your preferred course start date. 
  2. If applicable, secure program funding. 
  3. Recruit course participants (this course has a minimum enrollment of 10 participants). 
  4. Coordinate course participant equipment, classroom facility and contractual agreement with NRTG. 

What should I bring or supply?

Course participants are required to provide their own personal protective equipment. 

  • Suunto PM5 Clinometer 
  • Waterproof Field Book 
  • Suitable outdoor clothing 
  • Bag lunch and refreshments each day 
  • Non-slip footwear 
  • Eslon or other 30m measuring tape 

Course Format

The Land Guardian Program is available in two formats:  

  1. A fully online training program that includes live instruction and student-led field activities and assignments that students complete on their own. 
  2. A community-based training program with in-person instruction delivered over five consecutive weeks.   

In both formats, course participants conduct extensive field training, learning important skills and procedures in a very realistic and practical setting, under the direction of experienced instructors. 

More Information

Upon successful completion, program graduates are qualified and able to:

  • Observe, record and report environmental field data
  • Act as an independent monitor
  • Conduct standard environmental assessments and inventories for: air, water, plants and trees, wildlife (ungulates, birds, amphibians), fish, and soil
  • Conduct backpack electrofishing surveys as certified technicians 
  • Operate, calibrate, and maintain a wide variety of environmental field equipment and ‘tools’
  • Conduct water quality and field hydrology procedures
  • Identify site impact, and develop and implement site rehabilitation procedures
  • Conduct erosion and sediment control measures
  • Develop reports and communicate results with industry stakeholders
  • Conduct best practices for environmental monitoring during construction projects
  • Conduct best practices for erosion and sediment control measures
  • Design and implement field monitoring programs

The Land Guardian Program can be customized for an organization or community based on their needs.  The two Land Guardian Program formats are highly customizable. As an example, students can complete the fully online, self-paced training part-time. The in-person training format can also be delivered in two, five-day blocks of training delivered at the student’s or organization’s preference.  Do you have questions about timing and delivery options? Please contact us to discuss potential solutions. 

NRTG can also combine an Land Guardian Program delivery with any other NRTG training program. NRTG can also develop new course content upon request. The Land Guardian Program also recommends several electives to complement a Land Guardian Certificate, and will assist groups with coordinating a community-based delivery of these or other training options:

  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Off-Road Driving
  • Cultural Heritage Monitor
  • SVOP Operator
  • ATV Certification
  • Snowmobile Operators Certification

Please contact us with your ideas and needs, and we’ll work with you to design and deliver a specialized training program that meets your needs.

None.  A standard one or two-day First Aid course is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Land Guardian Program is offered year-round with most field training deliveries starting in February in coastal regions and March in interior regions throughout North America. Please refer to our schedule page for course timing and locations.

You can purchase chestwaders from Canadian Tire, Cabela’s, or industry suppliers such as Dynamic Aqua Supply (Surrey, BC), IRL Supplies (Prince George, BC), Winners Edge (Lillooet, BC), Surplus Herby’s (Williams Lake, Kamloops, Vernon BC), Forestry equipment suppliers across Canada and other outdoor equipment outfitters. Chestwaders can also be purchased from any flyfishing shop across Canada.

No, there is no requirement to recertify for this program. If there is a significant pause in your environmental monitoring fieldwork (e.g., four years or more), we would recommend that you recertify with NRTG. Note: all NRTG courses include free, lifetime certification. Enrol once – come back anytime.

Absolutely! First, identify an upcoming Land Guardian Program of interest and notify NRTG well in advance of the start date. We will do our best to create a free seat for past NRTG students and coordinate your attendance during the program.


I grew up on a farm and understand basic first aid for wildlife and humans. For me this program would help my whole world and lift me up in my healing journey.

Kristine Harper

It is instilled in Hopi culture to respect our world and the creatures that live in it. If I am chosen for this opportunity I will use the knowledge to benefit the land and all that is Hopi.

Alan Chavez from the Village of Walpi