Environmental Laws — Permits and Applications

NRTG’s MicroCourses offer a dynamic training pathway that’s as flexible as it is enriching to build expertise. Our Environmental Law – Permits and Applications MicroCourse, spanning four hours, delivers in-depth training in an easily digestible format. It’s designed to maximize your skills for immediate application.  

When preparing to start construction, securing permits and completing applications is crucial for the project. These permits must be obtained before work can commence, and they often come with specific criteria and standards that must be adhered to during the construction phase to ensure compliance. These varying requirements can lead to confusion, especially when they differ significantly from one project to another. Understanding the rationale behind these differences is important to navigate through them effectively. Additionally, pre-construction planning applications play a significant role in determining the commitments that the project must adhere to. 

During this course, we will explore questions such as:   

  • What permits are applicable to my site?   
  • What applications are required for my project?    
  • How do these documents become legally binding?  

We sometimes see compliance requirements that exceed or vary from the law, so this is the opportunity to find out how and when that happens and why.  Case studies will be reviewed to help provide context, but students are welcome to bring examples of situations they have encountered for the discussion as well.  

Course will be 4 hours long.    

Instructor Profile

Sam MacKay,  P.Biol., JD Candidate

Sam has been working in the environmental field since 2007, where she first encountered the complex and exciting world of environmental law.  This began her life-long journey to strive to make the law make sense to herself and her colleagues.  Throughout her career, Sam has worked in reclamation and remediation, environmental planning and regulatory applications, erosion and sediment control design and implementation, fisheries, and construction monitoring, where the skills and knowledge of the law has been her greatest asset.  She has worked on both provincial and federally regulated projects in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario, where she has been challenged to make cross country laws make sense to the project and the team… and succeeded.  In 2019, Sam began teaching courses on Environmental Regulations to students in Environmental Science programs, and has since returned to school for a law degree.  Sam has been with NRTG from 2021, and has shown since day one that her truest passion lies in law!